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 Post subject: LDS Guild Application
PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:13 pm 
Name: Megalasius - sorry but I don't provide my real name until I get to know people, I hope you understand
DOB: I think you are really wanting to know if I am old - yes I am - almost 60 but again I don't like to provide private information until I know people
Gender: Male
Location: St. Louis, MO area
LDS: Yep, High Priest also

Character Name: Many which may be joining this realm (on Galakrond right now) Megalasius, Doggr, McPhearson, Kwhan, Edogustamus, Brewsree, Barjonin, and a few on the horde side also that are on Kargath/Norgannon
Armory Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/g ... ius/simple
Class:I have 90's that are Warlock, Rogue (2), Warrior, Priest, Druid, Death Knight, Monk, and Hunter
Current lvl:
Current Guild: Have a couple of my own, distaste for the drama I find in many guilds

Where did you notice our Guild? On a Google search for other LDS players/guilds

Do you know anyone who is currently in the Guild? If so, Who? Nope, in fact not sure if many of you are active as I don't see anyone online

How do you know them/what is your relationship to them? (only answer if you answered yes to the Question above)

Why have you applied to LDS? Would like a place to enjoy the game, have a few people that have similar values and perhaps get my sons back into the game.

Why are you considering leaving your old Guild for LDS? see above

Why did you choose LDS over the other Guilds of Lightbringer? see above

What are you looking to accomplish or do within LDS? see above

Have you read and understand our Guild Info and Rules? Click Here - Yes
Are you willing to download Ventrilo and will you do so?done so long ago
Do you understand that Latter Day Soldiers is a casual social Guild and is not just about Raiding? Hoping that is so true
Do you understand that Latter Day Soldiers is only focused on 10 Man Raiding (if you choose to Raid)? Yes, not until I buy a gaming computer instead of a Family History computer

Is there anything else you would like to include? Not yet, I will wait to see if someone is still checking on these messages.

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