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 Post subject: LDS Invite
PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 4:31 pm 
Guild Invites

New Players: All new players are required to fill out our Guild Application to be approved prior to a Guild Invitation. We require applications because it gives us a little back ground on players. Also it shows us intentions of wanting to join our Guild. This helps us filter players that tend to Guild hop (moving from Guild to Guild, never staying in one Guild for very long) from players who really want to be a part of our Guild. We are CASUAL Guild, compiled of friends and family, our focus is to have fun. We do raid, we have scheduled nights of raiding and are currently pushing into the 25 man content. Also by signing up for the Forums, you have a head start by knowing all the General Information about our Guild and the basics of how it functions. All applications need to be posted under Apply for LDS forum.

ALTs: If Guild Members already have a toon that has been accepted into our Guild, ALT toons are not required to fill out a Guild application. For an invite with an ALT, whisper an Officer; give them your main toon’s name that is already in the Guild and the Officer will invite your ALT.

Reinvites: Players who have previously been in the Guild and want back into LDS will need to submit a reinvite request via PM (Personal Message) to Helaman or Guild Officer. A few questions must be answered so that we can make our decision. As long as you didn’t leave on bad terms, reinvites have a high chance to be approved. Just answer the questions posted in the Reinvite Application post.
Please note, this only applies to players who have left the Guild within the last 6 months. If its been longer or you have been removed due to inactivity for 3 months, please fill out a full application

This does not apply to those who /gquit to sign a charter or accidentally left the Guild. This is for players who intentionally left the Guild. Please do not to make it a habit to quit to sign every charter. Your reinvite after an accidental /gquit or /gquit to sign a charter must occur within 24 hrs. After that, you will need to submit a request for reinvite here on the forums. Other special cases can be discussed with Officers.

3 Strikes: We have a 3 strike policy on invites for players. When you first join the Guild, that is your initial/first invite. If you leave and are accepted for a reinvite, when we reinvite you, that is your second strike. If you leave again and you are lucky to be approved for a 2nd reinvite to the Guild, this is your third strike. So if you leave again, you will never be reinvited again.

Acceptions may be made, however, if you truly want back in and be apart of the Guild, you will need to go above and beyond to show the Officers that you really want to be back in the Guild and be a team Player with LDS.

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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 
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