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 Post subject: LDS Officer
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Guild Officer Position

An Officer for LDS is hand picked by current Guild Leadership. When looking for an Officer, players within the Guild are nominated by current Officers and each of the nominations are discussed in detail to pick the player who would be most beneficial for the Guild. Within the Guild, Officers are known as Captains and their alts are known as Lieutenants.

What does it take to become an Officer of LDS?

Dedication: As an Officer for LDS, you are expected to be 100% dedicated to the Guild. This does not mean a time played requirement, this means that you are focused on only our Guild and not dividing time between our Guild and another. Though a time played requirement is not needed, Officer consideration does require some activity both in-game and out of game (Forums). The Guild needs Officers that will be there to be responsible and fulfill their Officer duties. The Guild needs players who want to be in this Guild and who want to help progress our Guild further.

Maturity: Managing the Guild is much like managing a Business. Think of Officers as Supervisors. We all like to have fun and we all have our own opinions, but the Guild needs Officers it can count on to act as Officers. Not abusing Officer abilities and most importantly, being able to separate personal feelings from judgements and decisions so that everyone is treated with equality.

Patience: This is the biggest factor when we are looking to add more Officers. We need players who will retain a cool head when situations occur; players that will not blurt out the first thing that comes to mind. Included in Patience is Politeness. All Officers must be Polite to both Guild and Non-Guild members when answering questions, handling situations, etc. As a Guild, we want to keep a good reputation and want the Officers to lead by example.

What are the Officers of LDS responsibilities?

Guild Invites: Officers have specific instructions of process when inviting players to the Guild. They are to follow up with approved applications to invite New Members and note the date invited both in game and on the forums as well as label ALTs with their mainā€™s name upon Guild Invite. Detailed instructions found within the Officer Forum.

Leadership Discussion: Officers are to participate in the Officer Forums, which is where Guild Leadership discuss changes, decisions, invites, etc. All Officers are required to check the Officer Forums at least once a week. Preferably before logging into the game.

Keepers of the Peace: Just like the title says. Officers are to maintain order within the Guild so that Guild chat/Ventrilo do not get out of hand. If they feel conversations have gone too far or are looking like they are going the wrong direction, the conversation will be asked to be stopped to avoid any potential problems. If Guild Members get too out of hand and are not listening to the request of Officers to stop, Officers will demote the problem player to the Humbled Rank until the player calms down.

Raid Officer Position

Raid Officers have all the same responsibilities as a Normal Guild Officer with the addition of handling Guild Bank Requests and Leading Guild PvE Raids. These Officers will share the same quality and dedication as our Hardcore players. Raid Officers will be expected to have a second lvl 80 character so that they would be capable of leading a Secondary Raid for players who could not get into the other scheduled progression and farming Raids.

LDS Raid Officers



LDS Guild Officers



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