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 Post subject: LDS Ranks
PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 4:21 pm 
Chief Captain (Guild Leader)
The voted player to lead the guild, haha, jk. This is me. Though, to avoid any future "your majesty" situations, we'll be trying to do more of a council leadership system. I know thats how its suppose to be right now, but I'm going to push for more of a guild council appearance so that "we" can make decisions. The Council consists of the Guild Leader and the Guild Officers.

Captain (Raid Officer)
These will be our hardcore officers who are there on a consistent basis for raids with a good attendance record. these officers will also be responsible for leading raids (alt or progression raids). so yes, these officers will need to have extensive knowledge of what they are leading their party in. Raid Officers will be encouraged to quickly lvl an additional toon as an Alt 1 raider so that they can lead other Raids for members who don't make one of the already scheduled raids. Yes, the Raid Rank looting rules apply to their alt 1 raid toon. Also, these Officers will be in charge of handling Guild Bank requests.

Players cannot hold this Guild Rank unless they meet the attendance standard for Hardcore Raiding

Lieutenant (Guild Officer)
These will be our lesser active Officers, or newly appointed officers, and alts of the Guild Leader and Raid Officers. These Officers will carry out the regular duties of a Guild Officer. We have Casual Officers for the purpose of a different perspective when coming to decisions and handling situations.

Dragoon (Hard Core Members)
These are our hardcore raiders of the guild for progression. these players have to earn this spot and maintain it by always seeking to get the best gear available to them outside of progression raiding. Be fully spec'd for PvE. Are always showing up fully prepared to raids with full consumables, repaired, and reagents. And of course, showing up with some knowledge of the dungeon about to be attempted. Have all needed mods, etc

Hard core players will have invite priority for progression raids and the A Team so that we can get in and clear the dungeon as quickly as possible. They also have first dibs on gear. Hard workers are first to be rewarded.

The requirements for becoming and maintaining this Rank may seem harsh and extreme, but when there is a job to be done, we need the reliable players. The Roster for Dragoon players will be determined at the beginning of each month based on the previous two months of Guild Activity and usable donations.

Vanguard (Veteran Members)
These are our average Guild Members. Players who are not quite hardcore, but are still more than casual. Veterans are our next up on the priority list for both invites and loots. They are our players who don't get to play as much, but are fully PvE spec'd, showing up fully prepared. So really, only difference is that they don't have as good of an attendance record. If they are showing up on progression nights as stand-bys and are geared enough to help with progression, this will be made note of to help factor in a possible promotion to hard core status if their attendance looks like it would work.

These players may consist of those who have a main on another server, but are still able to hold a good attendance

Soldier (Casual Member)
These are players who don't get to play much. They are still mains, but aren't very active or are not lvl 85. They are maybe on only a couple times during the week for a brief amount of time, if that. To reach this Rank, players will need to have some forum activity. Somewhere around at least 10 posts within a month's time to show the activity.

Recruit (New Member)
New Guild members. They will have the same loot priority as casual members, however, they will not have invite priorities. This is subject to change pending on attendance and forum activity. All newly invited Guild Members will remain this rank until the Officers feel that the players participation in game and on the website have proven to be somewhat active.

Also, before promotion from a Recruit Rank, a player must understand our Guild Bank. By Posting here, this will tell us that you have read and understand how our Guild Bank works (Members only Section). This does not mean you get promoted right away when you post, but when it comes time for a promotion, this will not hold you back.

Reserves (Raid Alts)
These are our approved Raid Alts. Raiders with Vanguard and Dragoon ranks are allowed to have designated Raid alts added to the Guild Raid Roster (found under LDS Raiding). Only these approved alts will be invited to Guild Raids that involve our Loot System.

Any and all other Alts fall under this category.

We are keeping this Guild Rank for those Members who decide to get out of hand in Guild Chat and fail to calm/control themselves. This is only a temporary Rank demotion until the matter is resolved or for players who are on extended leave.

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