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 Post subject: LDS Rules
PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2008 4:12 pm 
Guild Rules

PG Language: Foul or Offensive language is not welcomed in this Guild
Have Fun: Remember, this is a game. Play to have fun.
Respect: Please respect others (both Guild and Non-Guild)

Sign in Name: Please try to use your Main Character’s name as your sign in name so we recognize you whenever you log in
Phonetic: Please try to use your Main Character’s name as your phonetic sign in so that its short and we recognize you whenever you log in
Server Information: Please do not give our server information to non-Guild Members unless you have specific approval from a Guild Officer or Guild Leader

Guild Calendar
End Game: Please do not put up events for End Game, leave that to our Raid Officers or Guild Leader

End Game Raiding
Procedures: Please make sure you have read our Raiding Procedures under the LDS Raiding section of the Members area.
Looting: Be sure you read and understand the LDS looting system prior to attending raids.
Ventrilo: Please install Ventrilo for raids even if you do not have a mic, this way you can at least listen to instruction. It’s a very small program so don’t worry about it taking up space.
Raiding Mods: There are a few simple Raiding Mods we use and that we require everyone who is raiding to get. This is to help us more smoothly progress through PvE. More specific details can be found in the LDS Raiding Forum of the Guild Section.

Links/Pictures/Videos: Please do not post inappropriate material. If something can be found a little offensive, please give us some warning.
Announcements: Guild Announcements will be made here on the forums under the Guild Member section. As a Guild member, it is your own responsibility to regularly check for new Guild Information here on the forums.

Guild Chat
Maturity: Please maintain a level of maturity on Guild Chat so that you do not annoy other players and by this I mean No Spamming. Also please be considerate to other players who are online, not everyone in the Guild is Mormon or shares your same views. We also ask that Scripture quoting stays out of Gchat. A video game is not the place for scripture content.
Begging: Please do not beg things in Guild Chat. When I say beg, I mean repeatedly ask over and over again. Ask a couple times, but give some room between your comments. Keep in mind not everyone is able to stop what they are doing then and there to assist you, we all have our own things we want to get done while playing.
Personal Info: Please refrain from posting personal information/problems in Guild Chat. Yes, we all like to be open among friends, but not everyone knows each other in such detail. So respect others’ personal space, who don’t know you so well, by keeping your personal chat in whispers or party chat.
Humbled: Guild Members who become disruptive in Guild Chat and ignore Guild Officer requests to stop the disruption will be demoted to the Humbled rank. At this rank, Guild Chat privileges are disabled. Those Members will remain at this rank until the Guild Officer is convinced that he/she has ended their disruptive behavior. Please let the Guild Office handle the situation and refrain from whispering the disruptive Member until the problem is under control.

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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 
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