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 Post subject: LDS Raiding
PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:23 pm 
Schedule: Our current schedule is being finalized

Invites will start 15 minutes prior to posted start time of the Raid, on-time Karma bonus will be given out 5 minutes prior to the Posted Raid Starting Time.

Raids will be canceled after 15 minutes of waiting from the Posted Raid Start time if we do not have enough members. So typically 30 minutes after invites have started.

Certain fights may require more performance from players. If someone is lacking and holding up the raid, we may need to switch players out to get boss down. For more information, please see our Raid Disclaimer

Guild Calendar (Raid Invites):
    Raid invites are posted via in-game Guild Calendar. Only Guild Members who have signed up for the LDS Raid Roster will receive Calendar Invites on their Main. Weekly Raid events will be posted by Guild Raid Officers only, most events are usually posted a week in advance for the upcoming week(s). . If you know for sure you will be there or are sure you will not be there, please indicate so the Raid Officers have an idea of your status. Please either:
    Accept: This indicates that you will be available and will be there on-time for the Raid
    Tentative: This indicates that you are planning to be on and available, but not 100% sure. Or if you will be there, just not on time.
    Decline: This indicates that you will not be available for the Raid.

Raid Roster
All Raid Character changes/requests are to be made on the LDS Raid Roster post. All information can be found on the first post in that topic.

Non-Guild Raids (PuGs):
    We have no problem with players Pugging Raids, however, please don't outcast yourself by not showing up to Guild runs. If you know you aren't going to be on for that Raid night, then decline your invite and feel free to find a pug so you can get that run in for the week. Don't base it on if you will have or not, if you are going to be on for a Raid night, please hold out for the Guild, if you aren't going to be on for sure, feel free to PuG. Remember the change in Cata Raiding, the raid lock outs are by boss.

    Please do not entice other Mains to come to a PuG if they are already planning to show up for the weekly Guild Run.

    Raid Ranks:
      Dragoon: Excellent Raid attendance, have full knowledge of the encounters, very prepared and very skilled with their class. They are extra helpful to other Guildies for advice and assistance (both in-game and on the forums). In some special situations, these players might have priority on loot.

      Veteran: These are our Core Raiders. They have a steady attendance and are ready to raid.

      Casual: These are players with lower Raid attendance. In some cases, they will not have priority for an invite over Veterans or Dragoons. All new Raiders will start with this rank. In some special situations, these players may NOT have priority on loot, regardless of Karma due to their lack of availability.

      *Recruits will fall under the Casual category. They will be watched extra close by Raid Officers to determine their performance and what they should be promoted to when it comes to the player's promotion.

      Becoming a Dragoon is not a request. It is a promotion that is discussed among the Raid Officers. You will only see your Promotion or Demotion. A reason will usually be given with a Demotion. Do not ask for a promotion. Just keep in mind that your Raid Preparation, performance, Awareness, and forum participation will always be monitored. All of these are factors in your promotion consideration.

    Gear Check: Your gear and skill must be able to keep up with the content that the Guild Raids are clearing. If you have low lvl gear, how are you going to keep up with everyone else in the Raid to contribute to all the work that everyone else is putting in? LDS does not carry players through PvE content, everyone is expected to carry their own weight.

      No greens: No one has any excuse. There is plenty of gear out there for your characters that is not of green quality. You should be working to get the best gear you can get prior to raiding. You don't raid to get gear, you get gear to raid.

      Blues: Everyone is perfectly capable of gearing in ilvl 463 Blues. Gear is easily available from Faction Reputation, Profession Crafting, and Heroics. Lower level gear is unacceptable. Everyone needs to pull their own weight, so take the time to gear out like everyone else has.

      Consumables: Feasts are not always available, so have some personal food as backup. Flasks are required for Progression and Heroic bosses. Cauldron's are also not always available, please have some personal flasks as backup.

      Gear Enhancement: No exceptions, all gear needs to be gemmed and enchanted.

      On time & Repaired: Raid start time means that's when we start the pulls, not the invites. So be on and ready to go with your consumables and being fully repaired. A Raid Officer will announce that they are starting invites to everyone who is ready to Raid. After the on time Karma bonus is given, the Raid Officer will have already picked the Raiding Group for the night and will announce the Raid Team (just because you get invited doesn't mean you have a spot for the night, the initial invite is for Karma On-time Bonus).

      Knowledge: If you are new to Raiding and want to successfully perform in Raids, please get into the habit of reading or watching how to videos about bosses you've never been to. If you're the only one in the Raid who hasn't been to a boss, the Raid shouldn't have to go into a full detailed explanation of the Boss encounter. A quick "refresher" can be given, but don't hold up the Raid by needing a full detailed explanation. Knowing is half of the battle.

    If you are not up to par and cannot keep up, practice makes perfect. Raids are not the place for practice. Heroics heroics heroics for your practice. In 10s the raid cannot afford to carry those lacking through content. So do yourself a favor, take this start time to get yourself ready for the future. If you cannot cut it, you'll be replaced until you are ready to jump back in.

    Don't ever be afraid to ask for help. There are many players with the knowledge of how to improve. If you feel or told that you cannot keep up, ask someone who knows to help you. We are a team, we don't want to see anyone left out. We will help you, but you have to be willing to ask us for help to get better. Basically, if you aren't going to put the time and effort in to improve yourself, why should you get to play with other players that have taken the time to improve? How would that be fair?

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 Post subject: Re: LDS Raiding
PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:53 pm 
For raiding in Wrath of the Lich King we’ve decided to adopt a new loot system that is both easier to manage and more casual friendly than the retired DKP rules. Our loot rules will be a modified version of the Ni Karma system (NKS). We’ve adapted NKS to fit a smaller raid environment (primarily 10-man) and to allow more flexibility in the awarding of loot and of points. If you are not interested in the intricacies of such things, simply know that you will be awarded epics for participating in raids. However, if you’d like to familiarize yourself with the system before we get into the thick of raiding, read on.

NKS is a bonus roll system. Loot is rolled for and Karma points are applied to the rolls to determine a winner. However, a few restrictions apply to maintain fair and balanced distribution.
    How To Earn Karma
Points are awarded to you as a player (not to your character) for attending and participating in guild raids. These points will be referred to as Karma. The term DKP is avoided mainly because Karma doesn’t function as a currency in the same sense as DKP. Currently Karma is awarded for the following:
    +3 Karma for attending a raid on time.
    +2 Karma for staying until the end of the raid.
    +1 Karma for joining the raid as a substitute.
    +1 Karma for each hour spent in the raid.
    +1 Karma for a boss kill (triple for Heroic/Hardmode).
    +3 Karma for a new boss kill (Guild first only)(Double for Heroic/Hardmode).

    No player can earn more than 500 Karma.
Players who are asked to stand by at the start of the raid due to lack of spots may still receive the on time 3 Karma bonus. Being “on time” means that you are online and prepared for the raid no less than 10 minutes before the first pull. Karma may also be deducted at officer discretion for reasons such as prolonged or unannounced AFK.
    Distribution of Loot
We get epics so that we can raid. We do NOT raid so that we can get epics.

New gear is exciting and fun for everyone, but please keep the above in mind as we progress through raids. Excessive complaining and loot whoring makes raiding less enjoyable for everyone. The officers will do their best to be as fair as possible.

When an item drops it will be linked in chat and players will be asked to declare on the item. If a player is willing to lose Karma for an item, they will whisper the designated officer either “bonus” or “nobonus.” These whispers generate a list the officer uses to determine who is eligible to roll on the item based on character spec and rank and the players’ current Karma.

Main raid characters are favored over alts and non-raiders. Main spec rolls are favored over off spec. In special circumstances the officers will use their judgment to decide who is eligible to receive an item.

In order to be eligible to roll for an item a player must have at least 5 Karma and be within 50 Karma of the highest declared bonus. Once eligibility is determined, those players will be asked to roll out of 100. Their declared bonus is added to their roll to determine a winner.

If the player chose to bonus his roll and receives the item, they will lose half of their total Karma as cost. If a player did not bonus their roll, the cost to receive the item is a minimum of 5 Karma or half the Karma of the highest bonus roller. That is to say if a player whispers “nobonus” and wins the item, they will pay between 5 and 25 Karma depending on the other players that rolled.
    Example 1:

    Peridoc has 40 Karma, Ridgerator has 80 Karma, and Helaman has 200 Karma. An item drops that all three players can use for their main spec.

    Helaman chooses to whisper “nobonus” because he does not want to spend 100 Karma for the item. Both Peridoc and Ridgerator whisper “bonus.” Helaman is not eligible to roll on the item now because he is not within 50 Karma of Ridgerator’s 80 bonus. Peridoc is however. Peridoc and Ridgerator are asked to roll. As long as Ridgerator rolls above a 60, Peridoc can not win. If Ridgerator wins the item, he is deducted 40 Karma for it.

    Example 2:

    Again Helaman chooses not to bonus his roll, but Ridgerator decides not to roll at all. Now Helaman is eligible to roll against Peridoc, but must roll more than 40 higher than him. Imagine that Peridoc loses the roll against the odds. Helaman will receive the item at the cost of 20 Karma because that is the amount Peridoc was willing to risk.
In the unlikely event that a no bonus roll would cost the player more than if they had used their bonus, the minimum cost of 5 Karma is charged instead. If no players are willing to spend Karma for an item as such the officer receives no whispers, free for rolls will be allowed at zero cost. However, all bets are off in regards to character spec and rank.

If you have questions or concerns regarding Karma and our loot rules, please post them in this thread or ask an officer. Don't save them for during raids as that slows the process down.

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Joined: Fri Dec 19, 2008 11:00 am
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 Post subject: Re: LDS Raiding
PostPosted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 3:54 pm 
Looting Process
    Item will be posted in a Raid warning with instruction to whisper bonus or nobonus to the Karma Master
    Bonus uses the Karma you have to add to your roll
    Nobonus uses no Karma to add to your roll
    If there are no Bonus or nobonus whispers, the item moves to a FFA (free-for-all) roll
    FFA rolls are for anyone and any spec (only if the item is going to be used by the player)

The Definition of Main spec is the primary spec that you signed up with on our Raid Roster, if you come to the Raid as another spec, your main spec rolls will always default to your Raid Roster Standing regardless of your current spec.

All items not desired for use will be disenchanted for Maelstrom Crystals to be put into the Guild Bank

BoE items are only for Main specs (no Alt characters or Off-specs) who meet the armor proficiency. If no one is interested in the item, this will be sent to the Guild Bank for other Mains to request if interested

Armor Proficiency, 99% of the time will, be prioritized to Character Class maximum armor class (example: means that clothies will have prioity on cloth over leather, mail, plate wearers, etc)

All loot is subject to Officer discussion for its distribution to help award it for the best interest of the Guild's progression (this is very uncommon)

Whispering for an Item
Loot will be posted 1 at a time in a Raid Warning, an interested player needs to whisper either bonus or nobonus to the Karma master.

To help speed up the looting process, please see the details below:
    Main Spec: Please indicate Main in your whisper
    Off-spec: You may use Karma on off-spec items, when whispering for the item, please indicate off spec in your whisper
    Alt Main Spec: You may use Karma for items on your Alt, when whispering for the item, Please indicate Alt in your whisper
    Alt Off-spec: You may use Karma for items on your Alt Off-spec, when whispering for the item, Please indicate Alt off in your whisper

Loot Priority
So everyone is clear, the following is the order of priority for items.
    1. Main Character - Main Spec
    2. Main Character - Main Off-spec
    3. Alt Character - Main Spec
    4. Alt Character - Off-spec

FFA - Free for all rolls will open up the item for anyone if there is no one interested from the listed priority above. FFA is for 3rd spec, side grades, and alts that are not listed as Reserves. FFA won items will only go to characters who can actually benefit from the item. If no characters will benefit from the item, it will be disenchanted so that they Maelstrom Crystal can be sent to the Guild Bank for Raid enchants.

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